I found this to be a thoroughly compelling read. Marco Broccardo’s story is horrific and sad in some places, ironically funny in others, but overwhelmingly courageous and hopeful overall. Whether you read this book as an addict, family or friend of an addict, or to educate yourself as a parent or teacher, read this book. – Melanie S

Started reading this and couldn’t put it down. Well written and an honest & sad account of how an addicts brain thinks. Highly recommend a must read! – MD Deuse

What an absolutely gripping tale of Marco’s journey through the claws of an addiction. As a former drug addict myself I can attest that his book will give you the insight and perspective into the mind of a substance abuser, from the seemingly fun times experimenting in the beginning to the lies, theft, desperation, slavery to a substance, chaos and complete ruin that an addiction will ultimately lead a person on. It will also show you that there is hope for beating this evil grip it has on a person, no matter how dire the situation might seem at the time. If you’re going through an addiction, the parent of an addict, know anyone that is, or just looking for a fantastic read, then get this book. It’s a must read. - Jean Moggee

A gripping story, couldn’t put the book down. – Tawanda Minya




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    ROCKS – One Man's Climb from Drugs to Dreams