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Photo of Marco BroccardoMarco and his wife, Catherine, have two sons and a daughter. His favourite thing in the world is spending time with his family. He also enjoys reading a good book, PC gaming (Starcraft and Call of Duty in particular) and building remote control model airplanes.

Marco founded Eurocom, a mobile marketing company and specialist prize sourcing and fulfilment company, in 2005. An entrepreneur at heart, sales is Marco’s forte. He began his career as an external sales manager in the banking industry. He then became sales manager of a mobile marketing company, after which he opened the doors of his own company, Eurocom.

Although Marco enjoys being at home, watching movies (his favourite being Last of the Mohicans) and listening to his favourite Christian music, he loves the outdoors, especially extreme sports such as walking across the desert, scuba diving and climbing mountains.

One of the Mountain Heights initiatives that Marco is currently working on is the Seven Summits Challenge – his aim is to climb all seven of the world’s highest mountains. He has already climbed three – Kilimanjaro, Kosciuszko and Aconcagua.

He was recently part of a team of three who successfully completed an expedition to achieve a world first – the first men to cross the Empty Quarter (Rub’ al Khali) in the Arabian Peninsula unsupported. Their journey started on Monday, 4 February 2013, in Salalah, Oman and ended at the historic Dubai Creek in Dubai on Friday, 15 March. This 40 day trip saw these men walk a total of 1210kms, enduring very high temperatures, all while pulling an expedition cart that weighed over 400kgs containing their supplies.

In 2010 Marco was awarded the Top Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the 8th Annual African Access National Business Awards, and he was included in the Mail & Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans in 2011.

Read Marco’s piece in the March 2015 issue of Destiny Man:

Destiny Man - March 2015 Issue featuring Marco Broccardo LR




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